ViralColor Wall Lights FAQ

⍰ Can you pick two colors at once like the green/white picture?

No, our Wall Lights do not have a bicolor option. That’s another reason we recommend buying & overlapping 2 or more sets! 


 How do these hang on your wall?

Our Wall Lights are not very heavy and can be hung with virtually anything - tape, thumbtacks, mounting putty, and more. For non-damaging results, we recommend Command Light Hooks. 


 How are these powered?

A 6 ft. USB plug is attached to the Wall Lights. This can be plugged into a regular wall charging block.


⍰ Are the lights dimmable?

At the moment, our Wall Lights are not dimmable.


⍰ Can these cycle through colors automatically?

Yes! You can choose one single color, a fade/strobe option that cycles automatically through colors, 2 rainbow modes, and more!