Set Up Instructions

Read below on how to properly set up your Cloud Light! After purchasing you'll receive instructions via email!


Step 1

Poke holes into either side of the plastic bottle. Then, cut the hanging wire to an appropriate length and feed it through the entire bottle. The length of hanging wire depends on where you would like to hang your cloud.

Step 2

Put batteries into the light box & insert the LEDs into the bottle. Close the bottle by screwing the top on it.

Step 3

Put glue on a small portion of the bottle. You can use a hot glue gun, or the glue that's included with your kit. Then, put a small section of cloud material on the glue and firmly press down on it.

Step 4

Repeat step 3 until your entire cloud is the desired size/shape. Then, hang your Cloud Light up by tying the hanging wire together & hanging it on a lighting hook or screw.

Hint: Use a Command Hook to avoid hurting your ceiling.

Optional: By using multiple Cloud Kits, you can make a huge, insanely cool Cloud! We recommend doubling up on hanging wire if you do make a giant cloud!