Light Therapy Is Real

Here’s how to light up your life

Today is International Day of Happiness. For centuries, light has been associated with life, joy and healing. It’s no wonder then that we feel healthier, happier and more alive the more light we have in our lives. If you want more of those things, light therapy could work for you. Here are some actions you can take to put the light back into your life…

  1. Wash your windows. Let more light into your home by washing your windows regularly. Make sure curtains and blinds are fully drawn back to make the most of every bit of sunshine.
  2. Spend more time in nature. Spend plenty of time outdoors in the natural light and you’ll reap the benefits. The morning sun is particularly beautiful and seeing the sun rise will boost your mood. 
  3. Get more UV light. A lack of light can trigger depression in some people so it’s crucial that you get enough. If you need more you can buy a special sunshine lamp that will help. 
  4. Color therapy. Light means color and color corresponds to our emotions. For example, green is healing and blue stimulates creativity. Get more of these colors in your environment using Viral Lights; our LED tape shines all the colors of the rainbow and is guaranteed to make you feel uplifted. Hit the button now to try it for yourself…

Let’s Light It Up!