LED Light Tape FAQ

 How do I make my tape show multiple colors at once?


Only our DreamLight LED Light Tape has the ability to display multiple colors at once. If you've purchased our DreamLight LED Tape, you can download the app & enjoy 100+ color modes, many of which feature multiple colors simultaneously.


 Can I cut the LED Light Tape?


Yes, our light strips have designated cutting points every 1.5-3.5 inches. These are clearly marked with a scissors icon. If you don't trim as designated cutting points, your light strips will not work.

Note: Only the side of the light strips that are plugged in will light up. The other side will not, unless plugged in with an additional power plug.


 Why is my remote not working?


Due to shipping restrictions, we are not currently able to include batteries with our shipments. You'll need to purchase a CR2025 battery for your remote. If your remote is still not working after inserting a battery, please contact our support team.


 Will I receive a single 32 or 45 foot strip if I purchase those?


Most applications don't need a single strip this long. For that reason, you will receive multiple 5M strips and can either attach them together, or use them separately. The adapters included with 10M and 15M kits allow you to use each strip individually if you'd like.


 How do I install my LED Light Tape?


You can find our installation instructions here: https://virallights.com/pages/installation-guide-led-light-tape


 Can I add multiple light strips together?


Absolutely! You can add as many light strips together as you'd like. However, if you're connecting more than the power adapter is designed for, you'll notice your light strips are dimmer than they should be. The power adapter included with 5M light tape is only intended to power one strip. the adapter included with 10M light tape is intended to power 2 strips, and the adapter included with 15M light tape is intended to power 3 strips.