Installation Guide - LED Light Tape

Check out the video and written guide below for our advice on how to best set up your lights!

WARNING: Never turn on the lights while rolled up. They will overheat and break.

STEP 1: Planning

  • Be sure to measure the length of the area you want to set the lights on.
  • We recommend having LED lights go vertically up your wall, but you can also place them horizontally.

STEP 2: Preparing a Clean Surface 

  • Properly use a rag or paper towel to clean off any dirt or dust in the area you'll be applying your LED lights onto. Doing this is absolutely necessary so the adhesive can stick & hold on strongly.  

STEP 3: Revealing the Adhesive  

  • Gently peel back the plastic on the back of the LED strip to reveal the adhesive.
  • Only peel only about 2 inches ahead to make sure the rest of the LED strip doesn't catch debris, dust or dirt while applying.

STEP 4: Proper Installation

  • Start off by applying the beginning of the strip against the wall gently.
  • Try staying as close to the corner where the wall and ceiling meet to make sure the lights stay in a straight line when applying them horizontally or vertically.  
  • Ask a friend or family member to hold the other end of the lights and peel the plastic a bit at a time from the adhesive to help make this process easier.

STEP 5: Power On Your Lights

  • Ensure you've properly connect the controller/receiver to your LED strip.
  • LED Strip and Controller Receiver both have arrows at the connection point.

STEP 6: Powering On Your Lights (part 2)

  • Connect a power supply to the Controller Receiver and plug it into the closest socket.

Step 7: Check Your Remote!

  • Remove the back panel of your remote and add a CR2025 battery as directed into the slot.
Note: Due to shipping restrictions, we are not currently able to include batteries with our shipments. You'll need to purchase a battery for your remote.
  • After installing the battery, check remote by pointing it at the Remote Receiver. If nothing is happening, don't worry, just check that the battery was not inserted upside down. Try flipping it over and check to see it's working.

Step 8: Installing The App For Your Lights (DreamLight and Bluetooth Light Tape)

  • Included along with your lights should be an instruction sheet for downloading the correct app. We recommend you scan the QR code on this sheet or download the instructed app onto your device.
  • Once your device has installed the app, ensure Bluetooth is on and open the app! In most cases, if your light tape is connected via power, the app should automatically pair with your lights. However, if you are unable to connect the two, check out our article Connecting to your LED Light Tape via Bluetooth for more detailed instructions.

Step 8: Go Viral!

  • We thank you for your purchase and encourage you to try every combination possible with your new LED light set up!