Our Story

Viral Lights is a project originating from very humble beginnings. Living in most places, it's hard to not see lights at virtually every second of the day. But every so often, there's that one light that just stops you in your tracks. Whether it's a beautiful Christmas display, a twinkling skyline, or someone's obnoxiously bright car headlights. (screw those guys)

We're on a mission to take that same "stop and stare" feeling, and let you experience that daily. In order to do so, we've crafted a premium experience, from the second you're read this, to the next when you're admiring your Viral Lights. 
Here's a bit more about what makes us different:
  • We donate a portion of all sales to charities every month.   Learn More
  • We offer shipping in as little as 2 days & shipping worldwide. Learn More

  • We stand behind our products with our money-back guarantee.   Learn More

There's so much more cool stuff about Viral Lights that'd we'd love for you to learn! Rather than boring you with 10 more pages, our talented studio team put together a little trailer...check it out!

warning: only watch if you want to be entertained

Starting in 2020, Viral Lights was founded by a group of people, just like you, who wanted to share their passion with the world. Located in Raleigh, NC the group behind Viral Lights comes from all different backgrounds creating the best team to handle all of your lighting needs. 

In just a year we've been able to grow to serving over 100,000 happy customers, and we are now known for our best selling lights. 

We pride ourselves with our quality products, exceptional customer service, and our determination to continue to make YOU happy.

Not only do we provide the best lights out there, but we also make efforts to help local and national charities. To learn more about our charity efforts click the button below

Who Are We?

Here's a behind the scenes look of who we are and how we make it all happen.

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